Daytraders of the Dead was a joint venture between Mat Groves (Conedog) and John Denton (Voynix). Smash their two names together with the subtlety of two mighty icebergs colliding and you are left with ConixGames! Mat took care of code & development whilst John made the pretty pictures and sounds.

It's been a labour of something approaching love undertaken in our spare time over a period of about 4 months.

D.T.O.T.D. is built on a shiny new bitmap sprite rendering system (The BitMat™ Engine!) which lets the game hit 50fps in full screen on a decent machine. And that's all with up to 1000 undead bankers trying to bite your face off!

We've worked in the digital industry for about 20 years between us (holy sh*t!? I'm old!) and this game was basically an experiment in what the development process is like when there's absolutely no client whatsoever. Hopefully people will like the game otherwise we've rather wasted our time, eh! Still, if we mangage to put a smile on just one child's (over 18 years old?!) face, then our job will have been a success.

And if you want to talk to us about sponsoring the game even better ;)

Daytraders OF The Dead ©2009 Conix Games