The game...

If a picture says a thousand words then a YouTube video must surely speak a million! Check out the video below for a super-fast taster of the Daytraders of the Dead experience.

The features...

Daytraders of the Dead is a full on arcade action shooter! It's all about firepower, power-ups and intense action!

  • The most frantic, fast, frenetic fun top-down shooter (about) to be unleashed on the flash platform!
  • Our unique spin on the zombie genre places intense weaponry and arcade style powerups at the heart of the experience.
  • More onscreen enemies than ever seen in a Flash game - the new BitMat™ Engine allows for up to 1000 zombies on screen at once all at 50fps.
  • Full support for Flash 10 fullscreen mode with an incredible frame rate. You'd swear it was MAME!!
  • A sense of humor darker than a stock trader's soul and more tongue-in-cheek than erm... Cheeky McTongue?
  • Loads of Insane power-ups that obliterate the screen. Airstrikes! Nukes! School buses!? Radial saw blades!! Chrono-Bind!?!
  • Ten zombie-shredding weapons including the Super-minigun, Quarterising laser, Railgun & Rocket Launcher.
  • Highscore Survival and multi-difficulty Story Mode will keep players coming back for more!

The story...

So how about that story mode then? D.T.O.T.D. offers that rarest of things in the casual game domain - a story!

Albeit a rather silly story...

Just where did it all go wrong? One minute it was champagne lunches and Lamborghinis, the next everyone's flat broke and looking for answers.

Well, we got your answers right here! Daytraders of the Dead takes you on an incredible journey into the depths of the current global economic meltdown and discover the true cause and cure for all the present hardships. Shooting zombies. That's the cure. That's always the cure...

The FAQs...

And here's a few questions we've been asked to get rookies on their way to zombie-capitalist-banker blasting nirvana!

"How do I change weapons?" You change weapon by picking up a new one. There is no inventory, no asset management. You see bad guys walking around, you shoot at them until they fall down.

"How do I find out what the pickups do?" Pick them up! There aren't any booby prizes here. All the pickups do wonderful, magical things like releasing a herd of enchanted unicorns! Oh, no, we took that one out and swapped it for the radial rocket blaster, but that's still quite magical!

"What if my dude dies and I've got to go out to pick up my... cat... or something?" Fear not! DTOTD features a handy auto-save function meaning that so long as you're playing on the same machine, your story mode will know which level you're up to. Oh, and hit "P" to pause if your cat's only round the corner.

"What's the point?" Hell, I don't know. Sometimes it does make you wonder, eh?


Daytraders OF The Dead ©2009 Conix Games